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The importance of relying on a professional for video shooting and editing

My thoughts on effective communication for companies and commercial activities

We are navigating in a digital sea, surrounded by a tide of content and information that flows beneath our eyes (or under our thumbs). Most of this content comprises videos and photos, which, thanks to the ease with which they can be created today, are often produced by ordinary people who, in the past, would have had to rely o

n professionals like videographers or photographers, even for simple vacation footage. Now, anyone with a bit of dedication and practice can generate high-quality video content. This is particularly true for personal content, aimed at enriching an Instagram feed or gaining more followers on Instagram and TikTok.

However, the same DIY strategy doesn't always work for content intended to convey an advertising message, especially when that message is meant to promote a business, whether it's a restaurant, a shop, or a company, seeking to effectively reach its target audience. Many entrepreneurs and business owners find it challenging to manage their business's Instagram page, not because it doesn't attract new customers, but due to a lack of time. Time is a valuable resource for a manager, entrepreneur, or store owner. Raising hands, who among them can dedicate enough time to create content? I, for one, cannot.

Some individuals either try to handle everything themselves or turn to videographers or photographers to create content, which, while of good quality, often fails to deliver the desired results due to a lack of planning, target audience identification, or a website to direct the generated clicks from sponsored content. Personally, I trust businesses more if they have a website rather than just an Instagram page. In my experience, most of the projects I've undertaken came through my website. While social media did generate some inquiries, many of them came with a limited budget (aspiring s

ingers, rappers) or offered "visibility" as compensation, which is not a sustainable arrangement for professionals.

So, what should one do?

I am a firm believer in the saying "do it yourself for three," which my website exemplifies, as I built it entirely by myself during the Covid period when I had plenty of time. However, if I were to start from scratch now, I would struggle. Subsequently, I improved the SEO to the best of my basic knowledge. Still, I couldn't go further, fearing I might waste time and resources. After the Covid lockdown, I contacted a professional who significantly helped me reach the customers I was targeting, especially those from foreign countries. This experience taught me that while doing things on your own is fine as long as it's possible, when aiming for quality results, seeking the expertise of a professional becomes essential.

The same reasoning applies to the creation of photos and videos, which play a crucial role in conveying an advertising message. The vast amount of video content produced daily has led companies to exploit communication opportunities across social media, websites, and television, creating tailored content for each platform. To achieve good results and stand out from the competition, experts must know the different target audiences suitable for their business and how to interact with them on various platforms. TikTok's audience, for example, has different interests, ages, and needs compared to a television audience, which, in turn, differs from a Facebook audience. It is vital to consider a long-term communication strategy for these diverse platforms, as user demographics change over time.

"But those cool videos with text overlays are trendy on Instagram. Should I create them for my store?"

I recently received this question. Yes, I would create them, but I cannot determine how many of those views will translate into actual customers (if you get a thousand views from abroad, and your store is in Florence without e-commerce, are those views useful?).

So, what's the bottom line?

Even I struggle to create a quote for a single advertising video to put on Instagram. Making the quote for the video is easy, but I fear that the video might not yield the desired results.

That's why I collaborate with communication professionals. We meet with the client three or four times before developing video ideas tailored to different platforms and incorporating a long-term communication strategy.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional or, in my case, collaborating with a marketing/communication expert?

Quality and Professionalism:

Relying on an expert in video shooting and editing ensures the highest quality and professionalism in the final product, even more so if they collaborate with someone experienced in the communication field and has direct contacts with various media outlets, especially those not easily accessible to all.

Scripting and Storytelling:

Developing an engaging script and effective storytelling are essential factors in capturing the audience's attention and creating an emotional connection between the public and the company. An additional creative mind is beneficial in this regard.

Adaptation to Brand Identity and Effective Customer Representation:

Maintaining brand identity ensures content is recognizable among the sea of online publications. Many times, I see excellent content creators producing visually stunning videos that lack coherence with the company's identity. For instance, videos too dynamic for a high-end restaurant where slow food should be emphasized or, more recently, drones performing acrobatics to showcase a restaurant, flying under chairs and tables (yes, it looks fast and cool, but it obscures the focus). Instead, I believe it's essential to tell a story while empathizing with the customer. Unless someone enjoys crawling under chairs, they are more interested in seeing beautiful dishes and the ambiance. The drone movements are fantastic, and the operator is talented, but am I convincing viewers to visit the restaurant or am I inadvertently advertising the drone brand?

Identifying the Right Audience and Channels for Video/Photo Communication:

As mentioned before, there are numerous platforms to reach our audience. To increase visibility, marketing experts need to optimize content, create viral content, and engage with the audience. The approach must be tailored to each platform's specific audience, such as creating short and engaging videos for TikTok, vertical stories for Instagram, and informative videos for YouTube. The audience for these platforms is diversified, ranging from very young users on TikTok to older users on Facebook. Long-term planning is essential since today's young users will grow older and potentially become more economically independent, becoming potential customers in the future.

Social Media:

Nowadays, it is the most accessible channel for promoting video and photo content. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and new platforms gaining popularity like TikTok and Threads allow businesses to reach a wide audience in a targeted way. Marketing experts must optimize content to capture users' attention and increase the company's visibility without oversaturating its identity (a risk when trying to create a video that follows the latest trends). Through targeting strategies, viral content creation, and audience interaction, adjusting the tone, content, and style according to each platform's specific audience, such as short and engaging videos for TikTok, vertical stories for Instagram, and informative videos for YouTube. The audience on social media is diversified, ranging from the very young (TikTok) to older individuals (Facebook). Long-term planning should be considered, as the user demographics on "youth-oriented" platforms will mature, potentially transforming them into high-spending customers in the future.


Websites act as a company's online showcase, presenting video and photo content to visitors. These contents should remain on the website for relatively long periods. Thus, they must be of high quality and require the assistance of a professional videomaker. Well-suited in this case are introductory videos, customer testimonials, and visual portfolios that immerse the audience in the company's reality, promoting longer visitor stays on the site and reducing bounce rates, potentially increasing conversions. Advertising experts can integrate this content into a broader communication strategy, strategically positioning and optimizing them to improve conversion and visitor engagement. The typical website audience is comprised of individuals seeking specific products/services, who often arrive through targeted searches or sponsored content. Once they reach our website, we need to ensure they choose us.


"Seen on TV." Despite the digital era, this phrase can still be found on some products for sale, proving that television remains a relevant mass communication channel that instills consumer trust in a company or product. Experienced advertisers must know how to create captivating television ads that adapt to the needs and characteristics of the TV audience. Personally, I collaborate with advertisers who have been handling television advertising for many years. I realize how essential it is to work with someone with direct contacts in various local and national television channels to organize the scheduling and airing correctly. Even major national pay-TV networks now allow for targeted advertising based on audience interests and locations, offering brand exposure to those investing in such advertising. We should also consider the potential to reach a higher-spending audience through television ads.

In conclusion: Relying on professionals for video and photo content production and promotion is crucial for achieving successful results in today's digital landscape. However, there must be synergy between videographers, photographers, and marketing experts who listen to the client's needs and help them stand out through an effective message. The strategic use of different platforms, such as social media, websites, and television, allows companies to reach diversified audiences and maximize interaction. Therefore, investing in professionals is an essential step toward a company's success.

Please note that this text is not meant to be a guide but rather reflects my thoughts based on my experience as a videographer/photographer.

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