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How to Choose the Videographer for Events

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Tips from a Videographer to choose the Videographer for your events

If you're planning a special event, whether it's a wedding, a corporate party, or any other significant occasion, capturing those precious moments through a beautiful video is crucial. Relying on a professional videographer and photographer is important not only to have a lasting memory of the event and a high-quality end product but also to have someone who allows you to enjoy the moment without having to worry about shooting videos with your smartphone or camera! Drawing from my experience in the video shooting and editing industry, let me imagine this time that I am the one looking for a videographer and provide some key tips on selecting the right person for your/my event.

1. Videographer's Experience and Portfolio

The first thing I'd consider is the videographer's experience. It's crucial for me to assess their portfolio to gauge the quality of their work and understand if it aligns with the style I envision for my event video. A professional with extensive experience will have a deeper understanding of various situations, timing, and challenges that may arise during the video shoot of an event.

2. Reviews and References

Reviews and references are invaluable, especially when they come from different sources. I often come across videographers on platforms like YouTube with a substantial following, showcasing expertise in video production, but upon closer inspection, they may have a limited portfolio of actual client projects. Personally, I would ask the videographer to provide links to videos they've produced or web pages showcasing their clients' videos to ensure a more comprehensive understanding of their work.

3. Videographer's Shooting Style

Every videographer has a unique style. Some lean towards a documentary approach, while others focus on a cinematic or dynamic aesthetic, often without strictly adhering to chronological order. I believe it's crucial to choose based on personal preference and find a style that suits the type of event. Again, I would ask to see some previous works to get a clear idea of the videographer's style and ensure it resonates with what I envision for my event.

4. Videographer's Professional Equipment

A professional videographer should be equipped with high-quality gear. I would inquire about the tools they use for both shooting and post-production. However, it's important to note that equipment alone won't make a video stunning! I've seen beautiful products created with amateur cameras or even smartphones. In certain events, the use of microphones to capture speeches is essential. Personally, I always keep DJI Mics as backup. Compact, non-intrusive, and quick to apply. If there are audio speakers at the venue, I always set up a backup recording as well. It's a good idea to ask the videographer if they have these tools with them!

Events videographer in Florence

5. Creativity and Innovation in video shooting

Creativity is essential when it comes to video shooting and editing. Personally, I appreciate working with videographers who have an eye for detail and are ready to capture crucial moments, even when they're unplanned. I value creativity in the editing process, where a videographer can bring a unique and innovative touch to the final product.

6. Services Offered

Check the services offered by the videographer. Some may provide comprehensive packages that include both shooting and editing, while others might focus on only one phase of the process. Some videographers may offer standalone photo or video services, either individually or in combination with a professional photographer (which is typically the solution I always suggest to my clients, depending on their budget). Make sure to understand exactly what is included in the package and if there are any additional costs.

7. Preliminary meetings

Schedule a meeting with the videographer to discuss the event details. This is the perfect opportunity to express your expectations, go over the workflow, and address any concerns. Building a good rapport with the videographer is crucial for achieving optimal results. It's also a chance to plan the timing of various events that may unfold during an occasion, such as a wedding speech or a corporate dinner. Since schedules can vary, it's better to use more fitting references. For instance, in the case of a dinner, you can inform the videographer that "Mr. Smith's speech will be between the first and second course, and Mr. Jones will speak before dessert." This information will be extremely helpful for the videographer to prepare the right shots and microphone setups at the right moments!

If you're in need of a videographer and photographer for your events in Florence and Tuscany, or if you want to delve deeper into the topics covered in this post, feel free to contact me.

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