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Bring Your Events and Presentations Directly to the Audience, Anywhere They Are

I offer my clients a professional and cost-effective multicamera video streaming service of high quality, allowing you to reach your audience wherever they may be.

Streaming Video in Florence and Tuscany on YouTube and Zoom.

I provide the opportunity to live-stream video in Florence and Tuscany on popular platforms like YouTube and Zoom, two widely-used platforms for events, conferences, and online presentations. This way, you can engage a broad audience that can follow your event from anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Me

  • Cost-Effective: I offer high-quality streaming services at affordable rates, suitable for events of various sizes and budgets.

  • Industry Experience: With extensive experience in organizing web streaming for a wide range of events, I ensure a reliable and top-notch solution.

  • Suitable for Limited Spaces: Thanks to the compact Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro switcher, I can operate with up to 4 cameras, even in small spaces, minimizing any inconvenience caused by bulkier systems.

  • All-Inclusive Package: In addition to the streaming service, I also provide the option to create a summary video and event photos. This way, you can preserve the special moments and share them with your audience even after the event.

  • Professional Audio and Lighting: To ensure a smooth and professional video presentation, I offer professional microphones and lighting, ensuring an impeccable audiovisual experience for your audience.

Contact Me

Whether you are a company seeking to stream a conference, a special event, or present financial results to your partners and collaborators, or a professional looking to offer an engaging webinar, don't hesitate to reach out. I'll help you bring your voice to a global audience with my professional web streaming service.


Join me in taking your events and presentations to new heights with my video streaming service!

cameraman firenze camera operator in florence


Multi-camera video streaming services on YouTube or Zoom in Florence and Tuscany. Cost-effective and all-inclusive service, summary video and photos. with professional microphones available to the speakers

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