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Do you want to promote and advertise your business online and on TV? A professional video for your shop, restaurant, or company, along with high-quality photos, can help you stand out.


I am a professional videographer based in Florence, offering a comprehensive service that includes drone video shooting. With my expertise, I personally handle every phase of the process, from shooting to post-production, ensuring complete control over the final result of the video.


In addition to video production, I also specialize in capturing captivating photos. By taking charge of both videos and photos, I can provide continuity in style, creating a cohesive visual identity across your entire marketing material.


Moreover, the produced videos can be adapted to various formats, such as vertical for Instagram stories, 4:5 for Facebook posts, and optimized for websites. This way, you can make the most of different platforms and effectively reach your audience.


Collaborating with marketing and advertising professionals, I provide a complete service that delivers your advertising message through various channels. The goal is to reach a wide and diverse clientele, ensuring a high-quality visual impact.


Don't miss the opportunity to promote your business with engaging and impactful visual content. Contact me today to get a professional and customized service that helps you achieve your marketing and advertising goals.

Video promozionali e spot televisivi a Firenze Massimo Pocci Videomaker

Advertising on Sky?

Want to create a TV commercial for Sky? Get an advertising consultant and professional videographer for a captivating ad spot. Contact us now.

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