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If you are looking for a photographer and videographer for your trip, you've come to the right place! I offer personalized videography and photography services to capture the most precious moments of your vacation or trip to Italy.

I am available to work with tourists, families, and couples who want to create lasting memories of their travels without the need to constantly worry about taking selfies and finding the right angles.

As a professional videographer and photographer, I will ensure to capture your most significant moments with attention to detail and the unique atmosphere of the places you visit. I can create an engaging video that tells the story of your journey, capturing breathtaking landscapes, cultural experiences, and spontaneous smiles.

I can also work with tourism agencies and guides, providing high-quality photos and videos that convey the essence of your tourism services. Visitors will gain a clear vision of what you offer and feel inspired to choose your travel experience.

Choose professionalism and passion for photography and videography to create unique memories of your travels.

Set aside the selfie stick and contact me to discuss your needs and plan a tailor-made service for you.

Fotografo e videomaker per viaggi e vacanze Massimo Pocci video, riprese video e foto per gruppi turistici e agenzie viaggi

Tourist group that entrusted us with the video shooting in Italy

Sisterhooh travels travel for women only shooting in Italy by Massimo Pocci videographer
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